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14 May

LGBTI organizations in Macedonia are holding awareness events on the occasion of the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia – May 17th.
LGBT United Tetovo, celebrated its fourth year of activities, with education activities covering not only Tetovo, the city where the organization is based, but expanding awareness activities in other cities such as Gostivar, Kumanovo and Struga. Discussions, presentations, debates and movie screenings focused on the question “How do LGBT community members deal with Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia”
The activities involved also a meeting with parents of LGTBI people, poetry reading, study visits, movie and photography workshops etc. Some of the activities were held outdoors which contributed to more visibility of the community.
Meanwhile in the country’s capital, Skopje other awareness activities are planned. Subversive Front is hosting a meeting of different stakeholders where the situation of the LGBTI community will be discussed. This is also the first time that such an event is organized jointly by the UN and EU representations in cooperation with LGBTI organizations in Macedonia. Such support is perceived as crucial for the country considering the complete lack of support for LGBTI rights by state authorities. Part of the event will also be a presentation of the recent studies conducted in Macedonia.
Also on May 17th Subversive Front in cooperation with the Gay and Lesbian Victory Institute will for the first time launch the “Ally of the Year” award as a tool to thank and appreciate individuals who through their work and activism have championed LGBTI rights. This year the award will go to Macedonian journalist Ognen Janeski.
Last update 16 May 2016. 

Country - Macedonia