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Public Statement in Support of “Da se zna” and Condemnation of Intimidation Tactics

14 Mar

The LGBTI Equal Rights Association for Western Balkans and Turkey (ERA) firmly stands in solidarity with our esteemed Member Organization, “Da se zna,” in light of recent events involving intimidation tactics orchestrated by the publication “ALO!”.

We demand for the state authorities in Serbia to take actions to serve and protect the LGBTIQ people with utmost seriousness and to promote a language of tolerance and respect for the LGBTIQ community, who have become the punching back of nationalistic and fascistic rhetoric in Serbia as well as other countries of the region.

We encourage all LGBTIQ people in Serbia and the rest of the Western Balkans and Turkey in cases of violence and attacks to report those attacks directly to local organisations, who can assist them with psychological and legal counselling. 

We express our unequivocal support for the activists, including the mother of a young gay man subjected to brutal violence, who bravely brought to light the harrowing details of police torture inflicted upon two LGBTQI individuals. These courageous individuals, seeking justice and accountability, have been targeted with attempts to silence and intimidate them.

It is crucial to clarify that while the survivors sought assistance from “Da se zna” for legal and psychological support following the traumatic incidents, they have not become formal members of the organization. They sought refuge in the association’s services, which include vital legal counsel and professional psychological assistance. Furthermore, the misleading portrayal in the article, which falsely implicates the survivors as members of “Da se zna,” is a grave misrepresentation of the truth. The utilization of imagery from the Montenegro Police Directorate further compounds the misinformation presented.

The timing of the article, published merely days after “Da se zna” led a peaceful protest at Trg Republike, demanding accountability for the reprehensible actions perpetrated against a gay individual and their roommate in Karaburma, underscores the deliberate nature of the intimidation tactics employed.

ERA unequivocally condemns such insidious attempts to intimidate activists and disseminate falsehoods. We firmly uphold the principles of solidarity, justice, and equality, and we stand resolute in our commitment to supporting the LGBTQI community in Serbia and those who rally around “Da se zna.”

Topic - Access to Justice / Civil Society / Communication / Homophobia / Law Enforcement / LGBT
Tags - Da Se Zna! / ERA / LGBTI / Rule of Law / Serbia /