LGBTI Equal Rights Association for Western Balkans and Turkey

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This online resource centre is designed to make search of resources as easy and practical as possible.

If you know the exact title of your resource you can click the extreme right of the page and choose between simple search or advanced search.

In the advanced search you can choose to add specific words and phrases. You can also exclude specific words from your search.

Select documents from preferred country of origin

This search engine allows you to narrow down number of results by country of origin. Additionally, you can select for results to show documents which cover all countries of the region, those which have regional scope and international documents.

In your search preferences you can choose more than one country or option. Wait for the page to refresh and continue.

Select preferred language of documents

Documents uploaded in the online resource centre are available either in languages of the region or in English language. Thanks to the “Being LGBTI in Eastern Europe” Project, many important international and national resources have been translated into local languages.

In your search you can choose to narrow down your preferences to more than one language. Wait for the page to refresh and continue.

Find resources covering more than eighty topics

This online resource centre aims to cover all topics concerning LGBTI rights in the Western Balkans and Turkey region. You can narrow down your research to any specific issue, or you can select more than one topic and thus look for the topic most relevant to you. Again, after each selection you should wait for the page to refresh and looks for the documents appearing below.

Choose among thirty-five types of documents

Again, to make your search more adaptable to your needs, you can narrow down the search to the type of document you need. You can select more than one type. Wait for page to refresh and look at the resources appearing below.

Find documents by years

In case you are looking for a resource from a specific year you can make that selection too. However, as you cannot choose for more than one year, make this selection only if you know the approximate date of your document.

Upload your own documents and resources

This resource centre provides you the opportunity to directly upload a document or resource.

To upload, go to Online Resource Centre > Upload

There you need to put name and surname, your Email address, image/images of document, the document, title of publication, short description, publisher, publishing year, language, country, type of resource and topics.

Upon moderation the document will appear in the resource centre. 



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