LGBTI Equal Rights Association for Western Balkans and Turkey

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EU Integration


The integration process of countries of the Western Balkans and Turkey into the European Union is a unique opportunity for human rights advocates. The EU’s strong and increased stance on respect and protection of fundamental human rights, including LGBTI, has compelled candidate countries to step up their efforts by passing new legislation or amending current ones, approving national-action plans, increasing access of LGBTI organizations to state institutions through conferences, capacity building trainings, awareness activities etc. This opportunity helps LGBTI organizations in having an easier cooperation with state institutions and pushing them to act on LGBTI rights.


  • mainstream LGBTI related needs and interests within the European Union integration process;
  • further advance the involvement of state authorities in passing new legislation and implementing policies;
  • encourage the involvement of member organizations in the process and a strong utilisation of the EU integrations process


  • Organize study visit of LGBTI organizations to EU institutions and provide insights as well as make demands on priority issues;
  • In partnership with the European Parliament organize ERA’s Annual Regional Conference in Pristina, Kosovo;
  • Organize advocacy meetings and events with EU stakeholders in Brussels and countries of the region;
  • Develop and conduct capacity building programme on advocacy and EU integration process with member organizations;
  • Develop tool-kit guideline for member organizations on utilising EU integration process in advocacy activities;
  • Gather, analyse and monitor data, policies and processes of relevance to EU integration processes;
  • Draft, finalize and publish country progress reports;