LGBTI Equal Rights Association for Western Balkans and Turkey

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Member organizations are increasing their efforts in producing more evidence based projects, advocacy strategies and actions. International community and donors present in the region are either initiating research or funding research-based projects with clear emphasis on data analysis and adequate use in advocacy and campaign strategies. LGBT organizations are being contacted more in providing their inputs, mobilising the community and sharing facts and knowledge with national and international stakeholders. International reports have been utilised frequently by member organizations who have initially also given their inputs.

However, more research needs to be conducted which is also tailored to specific objectives and fields and is accompanied by adequate strategies either for advocacy, capacity building, awareness raising and campaign efforts. 


ERA wants to increase the number and variety of resources available to the member organizations and other stakeholders in the region. It aims to provide relevant, up to date and accessible knowledge about the status of LGBTI rights and community in the Western Balkans and Turkey region and wants to develop evidence through which to inform and influence decision makers on implementing relevant policies and strategies. Furthermore, we want to promote a culture of research and evidence based advocacy as great tools for promoting change, increasing community involvement and increasing funding and financial sustainability of our member organizations.


  • Develop long-term research and analysis programme;
  • Gather, analyse and monitor data, policies and processes of relevance to EU integration processes;
  • Gather, analyse and monitor data, policies and processes of relevance to LGBTI rights and issues in the Western Balkans & Turkey region;
  • Conduct topic specific research;
  • Publish detailed country progress reports;
  • Create and establish resource centre / knowledge hug / database;
  • Create infrastructure for online database;
  • Gather reports, analysis, publications, research, contacts and expertise of CSO initiatives in the Western Balkans and Turkey LGBTI movement;