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04 May

Hundreds of LGBTI people and supporters have responded to the call of Albanian activists to share a picture of themselves supporting the 5th Tirana Gay (P)Ride, an authentic event against homophobia and transphobia organized in the country’s capital by Alliance against Discrimination LGBT and Pro LGBT.
What started as a call among friends spiralled into a flow of solidarity pictures from across Albania and the region.
Xheni Karaj, one of the activists behind the campaign thanked all the people who are expressing solidarity. She added that “for some, a picture might look like a small thing, but for us it brings big hope that one day we will live free of prejudice, without having to hide our lives or loves! It takes courage not only to live as an LGBTI person but also to be an ally”.
The bike (p)ride, this year will take place on May 14th at 11:00 am across the capitals’ main boulevard.
To learn more about the event and to share your solidarity picture click here.
A video with a collage of the pictures of support can be seen here:

Country - Albania