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Pride parades and the LGBT population

Topic - Advocacy / LGBT / Visibility
Country - Serbia
Resource Type - Factsheet / Infographic / Report / Research
Language - SERBIAN
Year - 2014

A short history of attempts at organizing the Pride Parade in Belgrade is a brief history of physical and verbal violence against marginalized LGBT population in Serbia. The increase in physical and verbal violence on the streets, hate speech in the media and on the Internet is particularly significantly from the time when the Pride Parade for the current year arrangement and takes in the days after the Parade. It is clear that the standard measure of Pride Parade loudest public political moment in LGBT activism. The reason is, we would say, obvious and lies to the sensationalist approach of media to the subject. This is reflected in the fear of, supposedly, “Sodom and Gomorrah” to be on the streets that day to play.
Kratka istorija pokušaja i organizovanja Parade ponosa u Beogradu je kratka istorija fizičkog i verbalnog nasilja nad marginalizovanom LGBTIQ populacijom u Srbiji. Povećanje fizičkog i verbalnog nasilja na ulicama, govora mržnje u medijima i na internetu je naročito osetno od trenutka kada se Parada ponosa za tekuću godinu najavi i traje u danima posle Parade. To je jasan pokazatalj da je Parada ponosa najglasniji javni politički momenat u LGBT aktivizmu. Razlog za to je, rekli bismo, očigledan i leži kako u senzacionalističkom medijskom pristupu temi – tako i u senzacionalističkoj recipijenciji. To se ogleda i u strahu od, tobožnje, „sodome i gomore“ koja će se na ulicama tog dana odigrati.