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15 Jun

Last Friday night two gay men became victims of a homophobic attack in Ferizaj a town 35 km from Pristina, in Kosovo. One of the victims was badly injured over his body and face and is now under hospital treatment. Four men were identified as attackers and are now under police arrest. The victims did not know them.
The attack happened at the victims workplace initially with verbal slurs and then turned physical.
LGBT organizations in Kosovo have reacted to the incident reporting it to the media and demanding the punishment of perpetrators in accordance with the law. Center for Social Group Development has called on institutions to take legal steps and to give the attackers the deserved punishmen and not to leave this as yet another unresolved case. Also they express deep concern that this attack is one of the many which confirms the high levels of homophobic and intolerance in Kosovan society. Insitutions have been called on to take action on raising awareness and preventing such incidents and crimes from ever happening again.

Country - Kosovo