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27 Sep

This year’s Belgrade Pride Parade, held under the slogan “Love changes the world” took place last Sunday, 18 September. As the organisers said, this year’s parade was a historical walk, as the pride parade, starting at Slavija Square, ended in the “heart of the city”- the Republic Square, which in 2001, during the first Belgrade Pride event, was the place where the violent hooligans severely attacked the participants.
during the walk from Slavija Square to the Republic Square, participants stopped at Terazije where the monument of hanged patriots is, to express solidarity with the members of the LGBTI community worldwide. At Terazije LGBTI activists from Turkey addressed participants and called for solidarity with LGBTI people everywhere in the world, as LGBTI rights are universal. 
Boban Stojanovic, one of the members of the Organizing Committee of the Parade, said that 15 years ago while trying to organize the first Pride in Serbia, Republic Square was a “bloody square” and that now is completely different.
– Each held Pride is our best possible message that today and here you can live – said Stojanovic.
He rejected the criticism of those who do not accept LGBTI people and threaten their right to live a life free of violence and discrimination.
– We believe that the Government of Serbia strongly will react to all homophobia and transphobia in society and will demonstrate that violence is not allowed – said Stojanovic.
The Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government of Serbia, Ana Brnabic, who participated in the Pride Parade said that the event shows that Serbia is not a homophobic Balkan country.

Country - Serbia