LGBTI Equal Rights Association for Western Balkans and Turkey

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Jelena Colakovic - LGBTI ERA

Jelena Colakovic

I have been engaged in Juventas since 1999 and perform the role of a program director. My work experience includes: monitoring of individual projects’ as well as the entire program’s achievements; monitoring and participation in the development and management of project’s electronic and printed documents and databases.

I think that I am able to identify my own strengths and weaknesses, or to identify areas where I can give full contribution. I am an active participant in the process and passionate about my work. For me it would be important: to give a contribution to members capacities raised; to give contribution to important regional initiatives (e.g registered partnership, legal gender recognition) in a way it can be truly seen; to increase the capacities of ERA itself. I validate, appreciate and consider enriching the experience and expertise my colleagues have. I have been involved in all crucial processes related to human rights of LGBT people in Montenegro.

Some of most prominent ones involve creation of the Strategy for improvement of LGBT people’s life quality its implementation and monitoring, but also involvement in creation of Draft Registered Partnership Law and Draft Law on Legal Gender Recognition. I have been involved in fundraising activities related to all projects Juventas had on human rights of LGBT persons.