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Trans animated film Between Blue and Pink: Nika and the Toy Factory is out!

02 Dec

Slovenian organization TransAkcija has recently released their trans animated film Between Blue and Pink: Nika and the Toy Factory. 
The short animated film, which can be viewed here, with either Slovene or English subtitles, features Nika, a toy who tells us that gender is non-binary, and that gender identity – our own experience of our gender – is something everybody has. 
TransAkcija executive director stated that “we are very proud to say that the animation, original music, script and film direction are entirely by trans persons”. The short film is an adaptation of Med modro in roza, a trans toolkit that TransAkcija published in November 2019.
Both the film and the toolkit have been created as an attempt to present trans topics and complex concepts of gender in a way that is accessible and understandable. 
More information about the film and it’s creators is available here:

Topic - Trans
Country - Slovenia
Tags - Art / Culture / Film / Trans Rights /