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05 May

Two years after the pandemic, TIRANA PRIDE returns to celebrate the diversity, love, solidarity, and the relation between members of the community and families. 
With the slogan: “We are family!”, for the first time all LGBTIQ+ organisations and our allies, have all come together to organise the Pride Week, which will culminate with the Tirana Pride, on 21 May, starting at 11:00, from Mother Teresa Square. 
 “We are family” – conveys the message of love and family warmth. It strives to raise awareness of the importance of the family and its diversity. 
 “We are a family” – because our community over the years has shown solidarity, becoming a big family to each other. Our family relies on unconditional love, care, respect, and acceptance of each other. 
 “We are family” – because LGBTIQ+ families are undisputedly part of families: our families! They are part of our society. They are nurtured by love and devotion to differences, challenges, and sacrifice against hate and discrimination. 
 We unite in solidarity with every family in their fight against gender-based violence, bullying, oppression, sexism, selective abortion, psychological pressure, economic violence and any other form of violence, discrimination or exclusion. 
 “We are family” – because families should all be safe, supportive, and accepting! The family should be synonymous with acceptance, unconditional love and well-being. They need to have an environment where everyone can achieve their full potential. 
 For these reasons and for many others, this Saturday, on 21 May, we march in the streets of Tirana full of colours, to protest against oppression and inequality and above all to celebrate LOVE for the FAMILY. 
 Join us because love belongs to everyone! Join us because diversity is a value for every society! Join us because we are family! 
 11:00 – Starting at Mother Teresa Square – march towards the Prime Minister’s Office  & Parliament, walk along the Boulevard “Deshmoret e Kombit” up to National Gallery of Arts, turn towards Parku Rinia , walk towards Bllok – main road (Ibrahim Rugova) – behind the Arts University and back to Mother Teresa Square, where a concert will take place with the participation of some of the most talented names in Albanian music. 

Country - Albania
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