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14 May

Serbian organizations Labris and Gayten are have thought of a very unique way to celebrate the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia – (IDAHOT). On May 17th all lesbian, gay, bisex, trans, queer, asexual, agender, bigender, nogender, cisgender, genderqueer, gender fluid, non-binary, third gender, cross-dressers, drag queens and kings, women, men, people are invited to gather at Belgrade’s Studentski park, at a queer picnic, with the simple intention of just hanging out, chatting and chilling out.
Meanwhile, also on May 17th the organization Gay Straight Alliance will host the Rainbow Award Ceremony where one person will be awarded for their support of LGBTI rights. Among the 21 nominees from institutions, civil society, media, arts etc 5 people have been shorlisted to receive the Award on May 17th:
– Merlinka – Queer Film Festival
nominated for this award due to years of its promotion of human rights of LGBT persons and contribution in reducing the level of homophobia and transphobia in Serbia through movie arts. Also, the festival itself expanded last few years by organizing not only in Belgrade, but in other cities in Serbia, as well as the region;
– Commissioner for the protection of equality Brankica Janković
as a newly appointed Commissioner, one of the main focuses of her actions were human rights of LGBT population and she continually promoted tolerance and equality through public statements, warnings to human rights offenders, acting on complaints and supporting various LGBT organizations, as well as being present on the events significant to LGBT population, such as Pride Parade, Trans Pride and Hate Free Zone;
– Actor Slaven Došlo
due to a role in a movie “Pored mene” (Beside me), where he portrayed a gay student, which gave an undoubtable contribution to a better understanding of LGBT populations position in society, especially among younger people and, above all, his determination and courage to fully commit to the role and perform admirably;
– Aleksandar Stojmenović, liaison officer to the LGBT community of the Ministry of Interior (MUP) of Serbia
being a first openly gay employee of Ministry of Interior, he significantly contributed by improving police work with LGBT people, increasing the LGBT community confidence in the police, as well as the number of reported cases. During the past year, he excelled at working the cases involving violence and discrimination against LGBT individuals, achieved a very good cooperation with LGBT organizations and community with these and other relevant subject matters. He also had notable media appearances, promoting police activities in working with LGBT population;
– Web portal “E-novine”
“E-novine” were nominated for the award due to their promotion of human rights for LGBT persons in the previous year, and many years before. This portal used the right way, with honest and all-round way, of processing themes and broadcasting informations from Serbia, region and the world, conserning LGBT population, using their personal stories, and adequatly processing the events of importancy for LGBT population. Also, E-novine are achieving the cooperation with organizations dealing with LGBT rights and participating in projects that contibute in increasing tolerance toward LGBT persons and varieties in society.
Last Update: 16 May 2016

Country - Serbia