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The Joint Action Platform

Country - Montenegro
Language - ENGLISH
Year - 2021

The Joint Action Platform was launched in September 2020 in cooperation with five civil society organizations: Juventas, LGBTIQ Association “Queer Montenegro”, Association “Spectra”, the Association of LBTQ Women “Stana” and the Montenegrin Harm Reduction Network “Link”.
The platform was created during a series of meetings involving over twenty activists who discussed several issues related to human rights with special reference to gender equality with an intersectional approach, education, health, labor and social protection, media and media literacy, youth and public administration through the prism of crucial needs of target groups our organizations work with: LGBTIQ people, people who use/inject drugs, people who provide sexual services, (former) prisoners, asylum seekers, youth and civil society in Montenegro. Activists who have contributed to this platform have, after many years of work in all of these areas, developed clear and straightforward requirements on how to improve the quality of life of all our target groups, as well as the general context in which civil society organizations conduct their activities in a way which is meaningful and effective in the Montenegrin context.