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LGBTI Enlargement Review 2018

Topic - Access to Healthcare / Access to Justice / Access to Social Protection / Bullying / Civil Society / Discrimination / Diversity / Education / Employment / Enlargement / EU Integration / Family / Freedom of Assembly / Gender Identity / Hate Crime / Hate Speech / Homophobia / Housing / Human Rights / Intersex / Law / LGBT / MSM / Non-Discrimination / Rule of Law / Services / Sexual Orientation / Trans / Transphobia / Violence
Country - Albania / Bosnia and Herzegovina / Kosovo / Macedonia / Montenegro / Regional / Serbia / Turkey
Resource Type - Report
Language - ENGLISH
Year - 2018

The EU accession process has been, and continues to be, a driving force for change in the recognition of the human rights of LGBTI people throughout the region not only through the criteria that countries have to meet, but through the annual Enlargement Reports. Year on year, the human rights of LGBTI people continue to feature notably in the reports, assessing progress to date and setting out recommendations for the authorities to implement in the future, as well as providing a key tool used by LGBTI organisations in the region to engage with their governments and hold them accountable for the commitments made. 
In order to ensure an accurate representation of the developments relating to the human rights of LGBTI people ILGA-Europe, in cooperation with ERA, and together with its member organisations in EU accession countries, have compiled these submissions to the Progress Reports of the European Commission.