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Legal Gender Recognition in Europe – 2nd Revised Edition

Topic - Gender Identity / Human Rights / Identity / Law / LGBT / Services / Social Services / Trans / Transgender
Country - All Countries / International / Regional
Resource Type - Toolkit
Language - ENGLISH
Year - 2016

Introduction to Second Edition:
The first part discusses the basic aspects of gender recognition legislation as flowing from international and European human rights obligations, including updates from recent developments in legislation and jurisprudence. The new section on implementation discusses further aspects flowing out of accessible legal gender recognition. The completely reworked and updated section on jurisprudence presents European and a selection of national level case law. In addition to the Argentinian framework, the Maltese gender recognition legislation is discussed in detail as good practice.
The refined Checklist on Legal Gender Recognition continues to be a hands-on tool assisting in assessing any legislation or draft legislation with basic human rights requirements. The section on myth busters has been extended and reworked.
Finally, the full texts of the Maltese and Norwegian Gender Recognition laws are available in English in the Annex. Chapters are written in self-contained manner, so that they can be read independently from each other. This might lead to some overlap. We hope that this toolkit will support and inspire trans rights activists and others working professionally on the topic to strive for even better laws, to the benefit of trans people across the continent and beyond.