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BEING LGBTI in EASTERN EUROPE: the Macedonia Country Report

Topic - Access to Health / Access to Healthcare / Access to Justice / Access to Social Protection / Bullying / Civil Society / Crime / Discrimination / Diversity / Education / Employment / Family / Freedom of Assembly / Gender Identity / Government / Hate Crime / Hate Speech / Homophobia / Human Rights / Intersex / Law / Law Enforcement / Media / Non-Discrimination / Participation / Policy / Political Participation / Politics / Protection / Sexual Orientation / Social Inclusion / Social Protection / Social Services / Society / Transphobia / Violence / Visibility / Youth
Country - Macedonia
Language - ENGLISH
Year - 2017

This report provides a detailed overview of the socio-political contexts and attitudes towards the LGBTI population in former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. It evidences the current legal and on-the-ground status of the rights of LGBTI people, and the areas where action still needs to be taken to reduce discrimination and ensure better levels of protection. Chapter Four sets out a series of recommendations for specific actions that need to be taken at national level in relation to employment, education, health, discrimination, family affairs, the media, political parties, hate speech and hate crimes.
This report was developed by a national consultant, Mr. Slavco Dimitrov and was technically reviewed and edited by UNDP and USAID as part of the ‘Being LGBTI in Eastern Europe’ project. It is based on the observations of the author(s) of the report from the National LGBT Round Table held in Skopje in June 2016, conversations with representatives of CSOs, national and international institutions and a desk review of published literature.