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Access to health services and quality of care for LGBT persons in Albania

Topic - Access to Health / Access to Healthcare / Health / Homophobia / LGBT / Trans / Transgender / Transphobia
Country - Albania
Resource Type - Analysis / Recommendation / Report / Research / Research Report
Language - ENGLISH
Year - 2013

Despite various problems faced by the Albanian health system and reforms that have been undertaken in recent years in this regard, so far it has not been undertaken any strategy, action plan or in-depth assessment of the health system with focus on the respecting of the rights of LGBT persons. For this reason, the Ombudsman and ‘Alliance against LGBT discrimination’, supported by the Council of Europe Office in Tirana, undertook this study, which aims to evaluate the issues related to access and quality of health services for LGBT persons in Albania.
The objectives of this evaluation were:
1. Inspection of health institutions in Tirana to assess the procedures regarding access and respect of the rights of LGBT persons;
2. Identification of the attitudes, values and knowledge of health professionals about the rights and needs of LGBT people;
3. Identification and assessment of attitudes to LGBT people on the quality and access to health services;
4. Identification of recommendations for concrete steps that can be taken to improve access to services and quality of health care for LGBT people.