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15 Aug

PINK Embassy in Albania announced on August 12th that the Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination is reviewing the complaint its complaint against Mesila Doda, a member of the Albanian Parliament, for discrimination against the LGBT community in the country.
The complaint came after a speech held by Mrs. Doda on 7 July 2016 at a time when the Albanian Parliament was discussing new constitutional amendments, which among other areas included a wider constitutional protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation and identity gender. The MP claimed that these changes give  the opportunity to LGBT people to require equality in marriage, which is in fact not true.
On 2 August, the Office of the Commissioner for the Protection of discrimination informed that it has opened formal proceedings for open and direct discrimination, asking MP Doda to provide explanations on the use of discriminatory language that placed the LGBT community in unfavorable terms due to sexual orientation and gender identity.
“Every politician in Albania should once and for all forget that they can abuse, even verbally, the LGBT community in Albania. It is time that every politician is held accountable  for their words and actions, which violate the rights and equality of citizens or promote hatred. “- said Altin Hazizaj, President Board of PINK Embassy.
It is not the first time the Parliament is used by Albanian politicians to threaten and discriminate the LGBT community. In 2011, PINK Embassy succeeded in winning a case filed against another member of the Parliament, Mr. Tritan Shehu, for using discriminatory language against the members of the LGBT community.

Country - Albania