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Joining the fight against mpox – WHO Campaign is here with plenty of information

06 Jun

On May 17th of this year the WHO Regional Office for Europe office launched a new mpox (monkeypox campaign), with a series of social media posts, a video, a series or resources, including the RCCE compendium and toolkit, a press release, and brought people together at two live social media events. 

Below, we are sharing with you all of these resources, which we encourage you to disseminate further with your communiities, health authorities and other stakeholders. 

1. Compendium: Eliminating mox in the WHO European Region – a response with communities at its heart, a case studies compendium. It shares experience on emergency preparedness, surveillance, risk communication, and the adaptation of community-based services that cover sexually transmited diseases to meet the demands of the mpox outbreak. 

2. A video message by Dr. Richard Pebody, WHO Regional Officer for Europe.

3. A risk communication, community engagement and infodemic management toolkit for mpox elimination. The toolkit offers a comprehensive resource for community-based organisations, event organizers and health authorities to use RCCE-IM tools as part of their elimination efforts. This version includes a new section on community engagement, with tips to ensure the inclusion of groups that might have been left out from the response, such as the trans community, sex workers, and sex-on-premises venues. It also features revised and updated public health adivce. 

4. A conversation on mpox with WHO/Europe’s Dr. Richard Pebody, Amanita Calderon-Cifuentes, Researcher and Advocacy Officer, TGEU; Dr Will Nutland, Co-Founder PrEPster, the Love Tank. The events were moderated by Martin Joseph, comedian and broadcaster (UK). See FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter links. 

5. Ways how to get involved: 

6. WHO Press Release: An mpox resurgence in the European Region this spring and summer? To prevent that, key measures must continue.

7. Webstory: A summary of resources. Cautiously celebrating our success in combatting mpox: new and updated resources offer inspiration and guidance on eliminating the disease. 

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