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14 May

International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia is being celebrated in grand fashion in Albania, with a total of 23 activities planned. Alliance against Discrimination LGBT, Pro LGBT, Open Mind Spectrum Albania, PINK Embassy, the Headhunter and others are hosting awareness events starting from May 12th until May 20th.
During this IDAHOT the first LGBTI Employment Equality Index was presented by the Headhunter, awarding 5 out of 70+ Albanian and international companies on their LGBTI friendly standards.
On May 14th hundreds of LGBTI people and supporters joined the Tirana Bike (P)Ride while public staircases at the Tirana main Park were painted in rainbow colours.
On May 18th PINK Embassy will present the findings of the pioneer research on perceptions of young students and teachers on homophobic and transphobic bullying in high-schools.
On May 19th Open Mind Spectrum Albania will host the first Civil Society Forum on the political participation of LGBTI people. Key speaker at the event will be Ms. Ulrike Lunachek, Vice President of the European Parliament.
On May 20th the former Royal Palace of Albania will be house of a Charity Gala in support of the LGBTI Shelter “Streha”.
Many other events will focus on visibility but also providing more knowledge and information on LGBTI people and their rights such as the “Labyrinth” exhibition as a reflection on perceptions of local government officials by PINK Embassy, screening of documentary “Ska Ndal” by Pro LGBT with the participation of government officials, presentation of several awards, movie and documentary screenings, street poetry festival, open lectures at universities etc.
A video depicting a same-sex family was produced and published widely amid voiced opposition by some politicians and religious groups against the Amendment of the Family Code which would grant to same-sex couples the right to enter into civil unions.
More updates on IDAHOT events in Albania, coming soon.  
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